The Veterans Health Alliance of Long Island, on this Memorial Day wish to recognized and honor our fallen heroes, those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Thank you for your service!

To Them We Owe

Happened today, and in the past; Sacrifice made, for ours to last.
Wives to widows, families torn; Gave their lives, for them we mourn.

Gone forever, souls are lost; Freedom comes, with this cost.
Enjoy the life, they did preserve; Fate they suffered, did not deserve.

On this day, lest we forget; To them we owe, our life in debt.

by Don Nielson

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The Veterans Health Alliance of Long Island, a project of the Mental Health Association of Nassau County, is a collaborative effort of 70 mental health and substance abuse providers, county and state mental health and substance abuse oversight bodies, the VA, VET Centers, county Veteran Service Agencies, veterans organizations, elected officials and local universities.

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