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L.I.VE2HEAL Veterans Grief / Bereavement Support Project contact form

On behalf of the Mental Health Association of Nassau County and Association for Mental Health and Wellness, thank you for registering for our Veterans Bereavement Support program. Please take a moment to complete this contact form so that we are better able to assist you as you go through the grieving process. If you need assistance or would prefer to complete this with one of our team members, please reach out to Delmar Green at [email protected]. We express our sincere condolences and thank you for allowing us to journey with you in the healing process. A friendly reminder that the bereavement programs will be held for the full month of September to January.

Each program is a 3-6 week session and a person can choose which session and group they would like to attend. Groups are held for one hour once a week for 6 weeks.

* A friendly reminder that All groups are virtual *

* Peer group runs throughout program with no interruptions *